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Develop templates for secondary navigation



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      Develop templates for secondary navigation.

      Using the Moodle 4.0 Navigation prototype and the example navigation node, create the base templates and any applicable renderers for the new secondary navigation.

      User stories

      Story Acceptance Criteria / Confirmation
      As a teacher, I want to easily find the menu item, so that I can move between courses and activities I should be able to easily see my list of courses in a predictable place and be able to jump from one course to another at speed
      As a teacher, I want to edit a courses' settings, so that I can improve my learners experience I should be able to within a course context easily go to my courses’ settings and make changes
      As a teacher, I want to easily edit a course module, so that I can deliver my course content in my preferred method Within a course module I should be able to easily navigate to the module settings to make required changes
      As a teacher, I want to view the reports for a course, so that I can any actionable items Within a course I should be able to easily navigate to the reporting area within a course
      As a teacher, I can quickly find an overview of learners' grades, so that I can learners to assist As a teacher I can quickly find the learners grades without getting lost
      As any user, I can see other participants within a course, so that I can either enrol learners or find fellow learners within a course Within the course I can easily find a navigation item for participants 
      As a learner, I want to view my grades within a course, so that I can review my grades or find actionable items Within the course context I should be able to click straight through to my grade overview

      Acceptance criteria

      • New files and sub directories created in logical locations, example located below
      • Frontend matches the designs
      • UI elements are accessible
        • Follows WCAG AA
        • LTR & RTL compatibility
      • Navigation items should appear as tabs within the context header (Course header, Site admin header, etc...)
      • Active element needs to have an indicator below the active tab
      • Hover styling that indicates the potential tab item that’ll be navigated to
      • Dynamic “More” menu which will accommodate navigation elements when the viewport width reduces width
      • Scrolls down the page the navigation should be hidden however, when the user starts scrolling back up the page the secondary navigation should reappear

      Example file location


      Example navigation_node that the secondary navigation view may return


          navigation_node: object {
              "text": string
              "key": string
              "display": boolean
              "isactive": boolean
              "children": [
                      { "text": string "key": string "display": boolean "active": boolean "children": [navigation_view_node: object,...] }
          navigation_view_node: object {}
          , etc…



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