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Develop templates for primary navigation


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      Develop templates for secondary navigation.

      Using the Moodle 4.0 Navigation prototype  – (Replace with final Figma link) and the example navigation node, create the base templates and any applicable renderers for the new primary navigation.


      User stories

      Story Acceptance Criteria / Confirmation
      As a teacher, I want to easily find the menu item, so that I can move between courses and activities I should be able to easily see my list of courses in a predictable place and be able to jump from one course to another at speed
      As any user, I want to see an overview of all of my courses, so that I can navigate around the site I can navigate to a dashboard of sorts that contains the courses I am currently enrolled in or have access to
      As any user, I want to easily navigate to an enrolled course, so that I can view my content I can easily find my desired course to review its content 
      As any user, I want to quickly navigate to the site home page, so that I can find other relevant content I am able to navigate to the sites home easily & quickly 
      As a site admin, I want to modify my Moodle instances’ settings, so that I can deliver a better experience for my users Links to the site administration settings still appear in easily locatable locations for site administrators

      Acceptance criteria

      • New files and sub directories created in logical locations, example located below
      • Frontend matches the designs
      • UI elements are accessible
        • Follows WCAG AA
        • LTR & RTL compatibility
      • Navigation items should appear as tabs within the site header
      • Active element needs to have an indicator below the active tab
      • Hover styling that indicates the potential tab item that’ll be navigated to
      • Dynamic “More” menu which will accommodate navigation elements when the viewport width reduces width
      • Navigation elements should render within a navigation drawer on the left side of the viewport on a mobile sized device

      Example file location


      Example navigation_node that the primary navigation view may return


          navigation_node: object {
              "text": string
              "key": string
              "display": boolean
              "isactive": boolean
              "children": [
                      { "text": string "key": string "display": boolean "active": boolean "children": [navigation_view_node: object,...] }
          navigation_view_node: object {}
          , etc…


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