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Quiz and Question bank in Moodle 4.0



    • Type: Epic
    • Status: Development in progress
    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: 4.0
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    • Component/s: Questions, Quiz
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      Quiz and Question in Moodle 4.0



      The Quiz and Question in Moodle 4.0 project aims to improve behaviour and structure around questions and the question bank and probably some more.

      This project has been initiated by Thomas Korner, Luca Bösch and Tim Hunt and is now in a project/funding phase under the operational lead by Antonia Bonaccorso.

      Extra Detail

      If you want extra detail about the development status the github issue for the project is here: https://github.com/catalyst/moodle-MDL-70329/projects/1



      Some (but not all) of the goals of this project are:

      • Convert Moodle question activities into first class activities (modules), to enable easier sharing and provide greater flexibility to question banks
      • Making question bank functionality extensible via plugins
      • Making it easier for other activities to leverage question bank functionality
      • Adding extra functionality to the core question bank, such as better filtering functionality and add comments
      • Adding”versioning” support to questions in Moodle
      • Bug fixes and improvements


      Epic Issue Integration order:

      There is a specific order to the integration of the issues in this epic. As there are dependencies and refactoring we need to take into account. We want to be able to make changes without breaking anything while we are in an "in progress" state.
      Therefore, to help keep things more clear, the following is the order each issue in this tracker needs to be integrated in.

      The following two trackers can be integrated in any order, but both need to be integrated before the third issue:

      • MDL-71516     Create new plugin type - Qbank
      • MDL-71769     Add missing features to be controlled when adding a new module

      Once the above two issues are integrated. Next the following can be integrated in any order: 

      • MDL-71573     Add qbank_exportquestions to core
      • MDL-71574     Add qbank_editquestion to core
      • MDL-71575     Add qbank_viewquestiontext to core
      • MDL-71576     Add qbank_viewquestionname to core
      • MDL-71577     Add qbank_viewquestiontype to core
      • MDL-71585     Add qbank_managecategories to core
      • MDL-71608     Add qbank_importquestions to core
      • MDL-71613     Add qbank_viewcreator to core
      • MDL-71614     Add qbank_previewquestion to core
      • MDL-71615     Add qbank_deletequestion to core
      • MDL-71639     Add qbank_exporttoxml to core
      • MDL-71640     Add qbank_bulkmove to core
      • MDL-71641     Add qbank_tagquestion to core
      • MDL-71642     Add qbank_comment to core

      We can then integrate the following two in order:

      1. MDL-71679     Edit mod_quiz for new Question bank in Moodle 4.0
      2. MDL-71378     Question bank Activity: mod_qbank 

       Currently these next issues can be integrated at any time and are not dependent on the above trackers


      [EDIT 10 Jun 2021]

      To help with alignment for Moodle 4.0 UX changes, please find the link below that shows the planned Quiz activity navigation prototype:

      Moodle 4.0 Quiz activity navigation with question bank

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