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Add custom user field support to all places that display user identity


    • Custom user fields

      If/when MDL-45242 is integrated, this epic can be used to track all the required changes to other areas of code that do not support displaying custom user profile fields as part of user identity.

      The affected code lines are marked with:

      // TODO Does not support custom user profile fields (MDL-70456).

      The new API has a true/false parameter for including support of custom fields, so it's relatively easy to find these - the fix is likely to involve both changing the parameter to true (or deleting it, since true is default) and also changing the code. For example, lots of code assumes that all the fields are present in the user table, and does not necessarily call the get_sql function to get the correct code for obtaining the field values as part of a query.

      • I don't propose creating issues for each change, people can create issues in here when they want to work on something.
        *I don't think it's necessary to fix all these areas within a particular release or anything like that. In MDL-45242, onscreen text on the settings page was changed to warn users that if custom profile fields are selected, they won't necessarily appear in all screens.

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