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Copying embedded draft file links to another context can result in 'file does not exist' error



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    • 3.7.9
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      Since MDL-62037, when multiple files with the same filename are uploaded a 'time' parameter is added to the download link. Since MDL-45170 (added in 3.6), when text containing a draftfile.php link is copied to another context, the files are parsed and duplicated into the new context. Any links with the time parameter fail to parse correctly causing a 'file not found' error to be displayed.


      Steps to replicate:

      • Add new content to course (e.g. label)
      • Insert the multiple images using the file picker (select overwrite on subsequent upload)
      • Select and copy content from the editor
      • Save and return to course
      • Add another content item (e.g. label)
      • Paste copied content
      • Save and return to course
      • 'File does not exist' error is displayed


      A potential fix included in the referenced patch is to update the filename regex in the extract_draft_file_urls_from_text function so parameters are excluded (by way of excluding '?' character from valid filename chars). 




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