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      I am using moodle since last 8 years. Now a days I am using Moodle 3.10.

      I would like to suggest some needful requirements which could be beneficial:

      About Quiz:

      • We can add bulk quizzes in course.
      • Its good if we can set time separately. For example quiz can be open from January 10 to January 20 2021 from 11:00 AM to 07:00 PM daily.
      • We can set Default Grade to Pass in quiz default settings.
      • We can set Default Activity Completion in quiz default settings.
      • In quiz import Question Bank default category must be quiz. and that General Tab must be open by default.
      • Question Bank Export file format must be same as import formats. Right now there are 8 import file format but out of 8 only 4 export file formats.
      • We can add custom profile fields in attempt export.

       About Course:

      • We can add cohort with role in bulk course creation.
      • We can add groups in bulk course creation.
      • We can add separators within topics to differentiate activities/resources.

      Some other:

      • "Browse list of users" must have custom profile field columns too.
      • "Browse list of users" filter must select different "custom profile fields", right now we can select only one custom profile field.
      • There must be site wide student role.
      • Any role permission must be applied if we set in that particular role. Right now if we allow or deny something in any role we need to adjust authenticate user role and it creates mess and confusion.
      • Site administrator can set maximum upload size site wide, like if site administrator set 10mb then manager or course creator or teacher can not set file upload size beyond 10 mb in any resource or activity.
      • Grade and Marks must be redefined. Wont understand use of marks in quiz as we get Grade Reports only.
      • Manager/Category Manager  can upload bulk courses.

      All suggestions are welcome...

      Thanks in advance.

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