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Add ability to Lock Submission on the Individual Grading Page



    • Type: Improvement
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    • Affects Version/s: 3.7.9, 3.8.6, 3.9.3, 3.9.9
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      Issue to Resolve : Prevent students from editing a graded assignment submission outside of the teachers exceptions (so that a student cannot edit graded work unless a new attempt allowed as already set forth in the assignment settings).

      Suggestion: Add ability to Lock Submission to the Individual Grading Page : )

      Current Issues with Built in Methods: 

      1. The "Require students to click submit button" – this method isn't as straight forward as how it is implemented in the Quiz module. Students frequently forget that they need to click this Submit button. The plagiarism message could be enabled and reworded to force remind the students they need to click the submit button, but students can agree with the statement without clicking the final submit. We end up with dozens of drafts despite the reminders to go back and click submit. Drafts do not appear as needing grading in the GradeMe block or Teacher dashboard otherwise we'd simply grade them and move on.
      2. Cut off date – When a  teacher specifies a cut-off date for an assignment (which may not applicable in an asynchronous learning environment), students can still resubmit their submissions up through the cutoff date. 
      3. Attempt # Limit: The students are still free to click the "Edit Submission" button on their submission, even if a teacher selects "NO" for allow new attempt, or if they've already submitted the number of times set here. This is because the student is technically editing their "current" attempt, not a "new" attempt. This edit then is processed by Moodle as needing grading. Students will submit 'blank' submissions (just a blank word document) in order by 'buy time' and then begin actual submission after the blanks are assigned their scores. We'd like to prevent this type of abuse to the system.
      4. Currently, the ability to "Lock" a submission can only exists on the individual grading page. This would be faster in the 'grading work flow' then having teacher find a stopping point, switch over to the Quick Grading layout, switch over to the "Submitted" filter, toggle the Grade Column to get all the graded work to float together and then select the graded items that need to be locked. A student could edit their submission for a regrade in this time.
      5. Lock Submission - only exists on the quick grading page - to get to this after utilizing the individual grading screen can take a bit of work. Students can still resubmit between the time their submission is graded, and when the teacher finishes all grading and changes the filter on the quick grading and the grade column order to select graded work for locking..





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