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UX overhaul to improve course creation


    • Course creation improvements 4.0

      This epic is part of the planned UX improvements for Moodle 4.0.


      Primary aim: to improve the user experience of creating and editing courses in Moodle.

      Primary target user: instructional designers, course creators and teachers.

      Status: currently in UX research & design, as well a technical feasibility assessment and specification.


      🔗 Prototype & Design: 

      👀 Prototype walkthrough 🦮

      Journey 1: View-mode

      • Can show/hide sidebars
      • Hover effect for course index>World cinema forum
      • Hover effects for activity>glossary of character activity link + completion button + activity icon
      • Fixed floating action button (FAB) footer (UX WIP)


      Journey 2: Edit-mode hover states

      • Hover effect on course index>World cinema forum + drag&drop icon
      • Hover effect on activity>glossary of character activity link + drag&drop icon + activity icon +
      • Hover effect on activity>add activity or resources button
      • Hover effect on activity>add sections below
      • Show/hide blocks
      • Hover effect on block>chapter + drag&drop icon
      • Click on block>chapter>settings dropdown


      Journey 3: Edit section

      • Click on section title>general>pencil to edit section name
      • Click on section > general > edit section
      • Click back on course index and display exit modal


      Journey 4: Activity (Glossary of character)

      • Click on activity>Glossary of character
      • Click on activity settings through 2^nd^ level nav
      • Glossary of characters > hover add new entry
      • Glossary of characters > click add new entry
      • Click back on course index and display exit modal

      Prototype link: https://www.figma.com/proto/OfCvqK069Oz6Fvqq2xcZWI/Create-a-course?page-id=5413%3A47467&node-id=5451%3A1195&viewport=561%2C490%2C0.06038074940443039&scaling=scale-down-width&hide-ui=1


      Design link: https://www.figma.com/file/OfCvqK069Oz6Fvqq2xcZWI/Create-a-course?node-id=5413%3A47467



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