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core_course_search_courses web service can consume all php memory



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    • 3.8.8, 3.9.5, 3.10.2
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    • Caching, Course, Web Services


      We have a site with 101,334 courses when doing the following actions in Moodle we get out of memory issues:

      1. Navigate to the global search page
      2. Expand the Filter section
      3. Click to open the Courses select

      Expected outcome: A list of courses is displayed

      Actual outcome: Eventually there is a JavaScript error and the Moodle session is killed (at least on out servers where we are using memcache sessions).

      I was able to do this on a user with a site level role that gave access to all courses.

      On our site this will also happen with any sufficiently broad search term for example a single letter. The only work around seems to be to paste in a full search term straight away into the course box so the number of courses found is reasonably small.


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              nmagill Neill Magill
              nmagill Neill Magill
              Matteo Scaramuccia, David Woloszyn, Huong Nguyen, Jake Dallimore, Michael Hawkins, Stevani Andolo, Amaia Anabitarte, Bas Brands, Carlos Escobedo, Laurent David, Raquel Ortega, Sabina Abellan, Sara Arjona (@sarjona), Juan Leyva, David Woloszyn, Huong Nguyen, Jake Dallimore, Michael Hawkins, Stevani Andolo
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