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alternativefullnameformat not shown in all places


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      Because of privacy issues we want to give students the option to choose which name should be displayed for other participants. They simply need to edit it to the alternate name section in their profile. The problem is with the "alternativefullnameformat" option because we want the teachers to see the the full name of the students even if they have an alternate name. We entered into this section "firstname lastname". The problem is that this name does not display in all components (gradebook, forum etc) in Moodle for the teachers. Instead the alternate name is shown, which doesn't make much sense, when we especially set it to show the full name for teachers.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Changed fullnamedisplay from language to: alternatename
      2. Changed alternativefullnameformat from language to: firstname lastname
      3. Edited in Alternate Names into the profiles of a few users

      Then I went through all the functions we regulary use in a course and made the following observation (everything is from the perspective of a teacher):

      • forums don't show alternativefullnameformat for teachers
      • Activity reports, Live logs and some reports when I want to view the gradebook (the dropdown menues for selecting users only show fullnamedisplay)
      • while messaging the shown name is also the Alternate Name

      (Edited to add additional info from Betül's comment.)

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