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Moodle Menu freeze due to requireJS


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    • 3.10.2, 3.10.3
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      I'm on Moodle 3.10.2 . I have some issues in Moodle interface navigation. The menus are freezing. For example, I unable to access to the Admin tabs like Users, Plugins... 

      it seems that the problem is located on : var requirejs,require,define; 

      For example in search.php

      The issue disappear when I disable the cachejs. But it's not a solution because we have to turn on this option to have a full operational Moodle.

      It seems to that running Moodle on AMD processors are more affected than Intel processors. 

      Thanks for your investigation. 


      The Chrome console told me the following errors : 

      Uncaught Error: Mismatched anonymous define() module: function(){"use strict";function a(a)

      {var b=a.offsetParent,c=b&&b.nodeName;return c&&"BODY"!==c&&"HTML"!==c?b:window.document.documentElement}

      function b(a,b)....

         at v (require.min.js:5)

          at Object.o [as require] (require.min.js:5)

          at requirejs (require.min.js:5)

          at search.php:3104

          at Object.execCb (require.min.js:5)

          at b.check (require.min.js:5)

          at b.<anonymous> (require.min.js:5)

          at require.min.js:5

          at require.min.js:5

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