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Improve activity/block Permissions Role overrides pages



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      Improve activity/block Permissions Role overrides pages


      As a teacher
      When I want to change the capabilities associated with a role for an activity
      Given I am on the activity page
      And I open the "Actions" menu
      And I click on "Permissions"
      Then I can set permissions

      Currently this interface is very overloading and overly detailed. I have two options to me, and neither is clear:

      1. By capability:
        1. Find or filter a specific capability
        2. Add the role, or Prohibit the role, or Remove it from the "Roles with permisssion" or "Prohibited" column as appropriate; or
      2. By role:
        1. Select a role from the dropdown
        2. Find or filter a specific capability
        3. Choose the value

      When selecting by capability the interface is busy and cluttered. There are a lot of icons (Remove role from capability, Add role to capability, Prohibit role). The inheritted matrix is displayed.

      When selecting by Role, and in the context of an activity or block (or any other leaf-node context type), there is no difference between Prohibit and Prevent. The distinction is therefore confusing. The inheritted matrix is shown but not in a clear way - it is shown as "Inherit (Allow|Not set | Prohibit|Prevent)".

      Additionally, many of the capabilites are completely unrelated. For example, when editing permissions in a Forum, the Quiz capabilities are irrelevant. Sadly this is hard to detect.

      We need to examine this whole workflow and simplify it:

      1. It may make sense to incorporate the "Check permissions" page rather than have it separate to this interface
      2. It may make sense to incorporate the "Locally assigned roles" interface and update that at the same time.




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