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Add 'Show/hide labels' options to course kebab menu in the course index


      As a teacher
      I want to be able to see all the labels
      so I can work with them as with any other activity


      For Moodle 3.11 and previous versions labels do not have any title field, so they will not be listed in the course index by default. It is part of this project to add a new ‘title’ field to ‘label’ activity type. So for Moodle 4.0 and further versions teachers will be able to add a title to a label, and list it in the course index for both view and edit mode. But if the teacher decides to keep the title empty, the label will not be listed in the INDEX.

      This ‘Show/hide labels’ will show/hide untitled labels in the course index. This option will be available only for edit mode.



      (forget about the rest of option for now)


      Designs: https://www.figma.com/proto/OfCvqK069Oz6Fvqq2xcZWI/Create-a-course?node-id=3285%3A38308&scaling=scale-down



      Acceptance criteria:

      1. For labels with title, we will show in the course index the title of the label, as in any other activity.
      2. This option shows or hides labels with empty titles in the course index. 
      3. For labels with no title, we will show “Untitled” in the course index. 
      4. This option will not affect other activity types with empty titles.


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