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User agreements - Odd problems when files sit behind a user agreement





      📝 Summary
      Upon logging into LMS or MWP, if a user agreement needs to be accepted, but there are images/files to be accessed on the page sitting "behind" this agreement, odd behaviour occurs once the agreement is accepted. "Odd behaviour" in this example, is an image will be shown in the browser window to users upon accepting the user agreements (because in the background an image is trying to show within a block). It is regarding the behaviour of what Moodle is trying to load in the background behind the user agreement. It's as if the browser tries to take you directly to one of the files in the background, not to the actual location of where the user should go once accepting the user agreements.

      The problem is, this can be sporadic, but produces a different experience to different users.


      🎬 Steps to Reproduce

      • Create a user agreement that must be accepted by all users (authenticated users is fine).
      • Add a block and set this block to "Display throughout the entire site". (Easiest way to achieve a problem).
      • In the block just add some text and an image or two.
      • Refresh browser cache.
      • Next, login as a new user that has not yet accepted the user agreement.
      • There is a chance (but not always...) that the images in the block do not show in this system block yet (before accepting policies), but sometimes they do.
      • Accept the user agreement.

      > Where was the user taken? As I say, this is an intermittent issue unfortunately.

      • Screenshots attached displaying example of problem.
        • Screenshot 1 - Displays block added to all system pages containing the image.
        • Screenshot 2 - Displays what the newly logged in user sees (not the images in the block)
        • Screenshot 3 - Displays the image loaded in browser after accepting the user agreement.


      ✔️ Expected Behaviour

      Upon accepting the user agreement, the user should be taken to the page based on the link they clicked. For example if a user simply accessed the login page and logged in, then they'll be taken to the frontpage/dashboard depending on the setup. Or if a user clicked a direct link (e.g. to a course) then after accepting the user agreement they should be taken to this link.


      📓 Additional Details

      • I have tested this in MWP (3.10.1) and LMS.
      • It does not always occur, it happens intermittently/randomly.
      • I have tested in Chrome/Firefox/EDGE and there is no obvious difference between the 3 (still intermittent).



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