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Improve admin tree navigation from crumb trail links


      A constant things that bugs me and that I also notice every time with an admin new to Moodle is they expect the crumb trail to take them back to the tabs they used to navigate there.

      Eg :1

      1) I go to admin: admin/search.php

      2) I go to Users admin/search.php#linkusers 

      3) I got to Browse users /admin/user.php

      Now the crumb trail shows:

      Dashboard > Site administration > Users > Accounts > Browse list of users

      The first two links work as expected as well as the last.

      But 'Users' takes to you here:

      /admin/category.php?category=users when everyone expects it to go to admin/search.php#linkusers

      Likewise the 'Users' link, most people would expect you to also go to that same tab, but then also scroll you down to the Accounts section in the Users tab.


      So proposing:

      a) first level category items in the admin tree override their url to go to the tab deep link

      b) we add hash anchor ids to the sections with in tabs. They should have their parent id in them so they don't clash, something like #users-users #users-accounts #users-permissions

      c) the second level category items override to use the links about

      d) the js tab widget is refined to it can select a both select a tab, and scroll down to an anchor inside the tab onload

      e) bonus points: It would also be nice, especially for the plugins tab, to have a table of contents which lists the major sections on that page. Possibly it only appears if there is > 3 sections, it could also be sticky on the right side if you have a big enough screen.


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