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Question bank Activity: mod_qbank



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      Create a dedicated activity for question bank for Moodle 4.0. This question bank activity (mod_qbank) will allow question banks to be managed and shared like any other activity. One advantage of this is there can be many separate question banks made available at category level to be shared amongst child courses.

      In Moodle 4.0 Course and Category question banks will be replaced by dedicated mod_bank instances. This patch will handle the migration of the existing question bank structure. During the upgrade to Moodle 4.0 mod_qbank will create courses and mod_qbank instances at category level where the questions from category level question banks will be migrated into.  At course level mod_qbank will create instances of itself and existing course level questions will be migrated into them.

      Modules (like quiz) will still be able to implement their own question banks. For mod_quiz specifically the quiz level question bank will still exist and will be able to be used largely as prior to Moodle 4.0


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              mattp@catalyst-au.net Matt Porritt
              mattp@catalyst-au.net Matt Porritt
              Tim Hunt, Andrew Lyons, Huong Nguyen, Jun Pataleta, Michael Hawkins, Shamim Rezaie, Simey Lameze
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