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The attempt report for H5P drag-and-drop type questions is erroneous when answer elements are in multiple drop zones



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      The attempt report for drag-and-drop type questions is erroneous, when answer elements are correct in multiple drop zones.

      Setup of the H5P question:

      I used a drag and drop question in the course presentation activity for testing, as this was the setup we first encountered the problem in, but i assume all uses of drag and drop questions are affected.

      The drag and drop question has two drop zones and four answers of which "Answer 1" is correct in both drop zones,  "Answer 2" and "Answer 3" are correct in either Dropzone 1 or 2 and answer 4 is correct in neither drop zone. During the attempt the correct answers were given by the person taking the test.

      The resulting attempt report for the question will be displayed like this:

      I would expect the result to be displayed like this (Created using inspect element / html edit):

      Steps to reproduce:

      1) Create a new .h5p file in the content store which contains a drag and drop question as outlined above. Or use the sample .h5p file provided in the attachment)

      2) Create a mod_h5pactivity activity in a course and use the previously created .h5p file in it

      3) Using a participant account attempt the activity entering the correct result for the question

      4) Check the attempt using either a student or a teacher account.



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