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Make section 'Move to' course edition option compatible/synchronize with course index



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      As a teacher
      I want to be able to move a section and see the change applied in the course index
      so I don't need to reload the page to confirm the changes were properly applied.


      Changes on course main content area:

      1. Add a new 'Move to' option to section 'Edit' menú. This new 'Move to' option should behave in the same way as the current 'Move to' option when user clicks on 'Move section x' icon ( ): Opens a modal with a list of all course section to choose where to move the section.
      2. Remove the option 'Move to' from the 'Move section x' icon ( ).


      Acceptance criteria:

      1. The order of the sections is synchronized between Course index and course main content area.
      2. The order of the activities in each section is synchronized between Course index and course main content area.
      3. There is a new 'Move to' option in section 'Edit' menu for all the sections except first Section 0. This option shows a modal where the user could choose where to move activities in the section (follow current behavior for 'Move to' section option.
      4. When clicking on 'Move section x' icon ( ) is not opening any modal.
      5. User could still drag and drop sections using 'Move section x' icon ( )
      6. When a section is moved to another position using the 'Move to' option acceptance criteria 1) and 2) should be consistent.


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