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H5P-activities copied with option "make copy of this file" should be saved in the Content bank



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      Tested with: Moodle 3.9.1 (Build: 20200713)

      The issue is that H5P content that is located in the Content bank when copied using the "make copy of this file" option is saved in the Server files area. This is not a bug and is the intended location for these saved files. However I believe this is not ideal for a number of reasons listed below. The copied H5P content should be saved back into the Content bank.

      Steps to replicate this functionality: (These steps assume you have at least one H5P content type already saved in the Content bank)

      1. In any course, click add an activity or resource
      2. Select H5P (blue button)
      3. At Package file area, click Add Files
      4. From Content bank in the file picker, select one H5P Content type. By default, "Make a copy of the file" is selected.
      5. Select this file to save this option
      6. Save and return to course

      Rational for saving this copied content into the Content bank instead of Server files:

      1. All H5P content when newly created in Moodle from the Content bank is stored in the Content bank. Therefore, it is logical to also store any copies of H5P content in the same location.
      2. Admins often turn off teacher access to Server files especially when they have other file management repositories in place Therefore the content copied in this way would not be accessible to teachers. This is the case at the institute I work which uses an external repository for storing learning material.

      In addition to the above reasons for not saving copies of H5P content in the server files area, to improve this behaviour the "Make a copy of the file" should not be available at step 4 when adding a resource because essentially it is confusing to be presented with the option to copy content when you are adding an existing resource. This sort of functionality, making a copy of an existing H5P content type, should be done in the Content bank itself. This would better separate the creating and copying of content in the Content bank from the function of adding existing content (resource) from within a course.

      While it is acknowledged that the idea of the Content bank is to make content easier to reuse and this is the case if your intention is to link to this content using the alias option. However often the purpose of copying H5P content is to customise or template the original content and tailor it to fit another contexts, topics or learning therefore being able to do this copy in the Content bank just makes more sense.




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