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Assignment rubric grades don't display decimals before release using marking workflow



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    • 3.9.6
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      When an assignment has been set to use a rubric and marking workflow is enabled decimal marks are not displaying before the workflow status is set to released on the individual grading pages (the one with a url like this /mod/assign/view.php?id=1064&rownum=0&action=grader&userid=4#). Decimals do display on the 'View all submission' page before and after release.

      For example a student can be graded with a rubric that gives a grade of 6.67/10. While that is what displays on the 'View all submission' page, in the individual grade page, where the marker does the grading it displays as 6/10 before release.

      I've confirmed this in our 3.9.6 moodle and on the QA moodle that is currently running 3.11 dev.

      To replicate

      Create an assignment

      • Create an assignment with:
        • Maximum grade = 10
        • Grading method = Rubric
        • Use marking workflow = Yes
      • Using Advanced grading create and attach a rubric.
      • For simplicity have one criterion with four levels; 0, 1, 2, 3 points
      • The goal is to be able to give a grade with a decimal

      Grade using rubric

      • Enrol at least one student in the course
      • Go to the 'View all submissions' page
      • Click the Grade button for the student. The student does not need to submit for this test.
      • Using the rubric click the '2 points' option
      • Click 'Save changes'
      • Expected: Current grade in assignment = 6.67 / 10
      • Actual result: Current grade in assignment = 6 / 10

      'View all submissions' page 

      • Check grade on 'View all submissions' page.
      • Grade on this page is 6.67 / 10

      Release grade to student

      • Go back to the student grade page and change workflow to 'Released'
      • Click 'Save changes'
      • Grade on this page now displays 'Current grade in gradebook' = 6.67


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