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Support pre-311 method of showing activity completion checkboxes within topics.





      In Moodle 3.11, the ability to show activity completion checkboxes (to the right of an activity) was removed.  Moodle 3.11 now shows a big "Mark as Done" button below each activity and includes more space and a line.  This newer method takes up much more space and contributes enormously to the "scroll of death."  In my graphic, I show how one topic appears using the standard Moodle 3.11 (Boost) on the left, and on the right I show how this topic appears the pre-3.11 way.  These windows are at 1280x1024 resolution, and you will notice that the newer way doesn't even show the seven activities.

      I brought this attention to the Moodle.org community in one topic, but others have shared thoughts in another topic.

      1) Collapsed Topics Plug-in, Problem with Moodle 3.11
      2) How to use checkbox as student activity completion in Moodle 3.11?

      Mary Cooch explained how the new method shows this activity completion information within an activity and on the main page.  She mentioned that the activity completion information can be turned off on the main page, however, turning this information off is not what is desired.

      This "Improvement Request" is to support both methods.  Perhaps there should be an option for the activity to "Show checkboxes" so that one can decide if they prefer showing checkboxes to the right of each activity (ala <3.11,) or activity completion below each activity (ala 3.11.)  This "Improvement" request does not suggest changing how completion information is shown from within an activity, in my opinion, a nice improvement (shown in my second graphic.)

      What I had discovered is that Gareth's Collapsed topics plugin provides Moodle 3.11 the older checkboxes approach.  In my discussion topic, I congratulation Gareth, and suggest that he continues the older method, or both.  But it seems to me that although a "plugin" can be used to fix this problem, that a better approach would be that the core Moodle support either method with a switch.

      One Moodle.org participant, Justin, suggested that the checkboxes be located to the left of each activity.  I seem to recall this type of suggestion in the past, and here it is again. I think that I like this suggestion, and I have provided a mocked-up graphic to show what this might look like.




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