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Grade may not display correctly after a user has had group changed



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      If an assignment is setup for group submissions and a user has their group changed after some grading has taken place the grade for the user displayed on the assignment grading summary page may be wrong.

      It requires that the following conditions are true:

      1. The group the user was moved from must have a higher number of attempts that have been graded than the new group
      2. The user must have a grade applied in the new group

      This is an edge case where the attempt number in the grading table is not an accurate way to find the latest grade for the student.

      Steps to reproduce


      • There is a course with 2 groups (Group 1 and Group 2)
      • There is a student registered in Group 1
      • There is a teacher on the course
      • There is an assignment on the course with following non-default settings:
        • Additional attempts: Manual
        • Maximum attempts: Unlimited
        • Students submit in groups: Yes


      1. Navigate to the grading interface as the teacher
      2. On behalf of the student make a submission
      3. Grade the submission with 50% and select that the attempt should be reopened and save
      4. Go back to the grading summary page and submit a new attempt on behalf of the student
      5. Grade the submission as 65% and save
      6. Now remove the student from Group 1 and place them in Group 2
      7. Grade the student again now. the grading screen will show the feedback and grade from the first attempt (it will show that the grade in the gradebook is 65%)
      8. Change the grade to 10% and save
      • The grade in the gradebook will be updated to 10%,
      • the grade on the assignment grade summary page will be 65%
      Expected outcome
      • The grade in the gradebook will be updated to 10%,
      • the grade on the assignment grade summary page will be 10%


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