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Add DataTables.net library to 3rd party libraries


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      The DataTables jQuery library (https://datatables.net/) contains so many quality of life features built-in:

      • search and filter
      • sorting
      • ajax data loading
      • paging

      If Moodle would add the datatables library, every core report table could migrate to using datatables and code that's only present to implement the above features could be removed (less code, less maintenance problems). Every table could have inbuilt optional server-side datatables enrichment (meaning adding the initializing code for the table with the id and certain options).

      Examples for tables which could probably benefit from it:

      • config log changes (automatic filtering)
      • logs/live logs
      • participants tables
      • grading tables
      • etc.

      So this ticket would be just anchoring the DataTables library in Moodle. Other tickets could then migrate any table to DataTables.

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