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Pre-upgrade SQL version check for Azure SQL



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      When trying to upgrade from 3.10.4 to 3.11+, we encountered error 'version 14 is required and you are running 12.00.2000'.

      Our Moodle db is running in Azure SQL and we've been running Moodle on Azure SQL successfully for over a year. Our preference is to stay with Azure SQL, if possible. Azure SQL is automatically updated by Azure on a continual basis but the standard "SELECT @@version" cannot be relied upon to identify the version of SQL server engine that is running in Azure SQL as it will always show version 12 and will continue to show version 12 indefinitely. That does not mean Azure SQL is running as SQL Server 2014 instance. We are concerned this will prevent us from staying current with Moodle releases as it is a show-stopper when attempting to upgrade to Moodle 3.11+.

      Furthermore, we have learned that Azure SQL is always ahead of the on-premise version of SQL in terms of updates and security patches.

      Having said this, we would like to respectfully request that whatever pre-upgrade checks occur against our SQL database be updated to reflect this so that moving forward this is not a constraint for us to be able to continue upgrading our Moodle instance running on Azure SQL. Could you please change your code to be less restrictive? Please see this article FMI:


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