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Plugin set 3 of 4 tertiary navigation followup



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      Investigate and separate the export entries and export to portfolio links as per the figma design. 



      Given MDL-71914 lands the following issues have been identified as follow ups or items regarding more thought and input in regards to its’ respective plugin set, these items need to be addressed as a part of the navigation push and should be prioritised on the backlog.

      The goal behind handling identified issues within a followup rather than the initial issues is that we want the team to focus on working on the primary and secondary navigation issues identified after its review whilst we created this list of issues.

      Please note that all feedback was generated whilst reviewing the following branch and commit
      branch commit hash: 669bb28

      Items identified during the review are as follows:


      • Make Templates section match Figma / confirm against zero state as well (Templates content should instead be in the feedback tab zero state) (Back & dropdown should not be here)
      • Templates page is missing a public templates heading & section
      • Secondary nav tab for responses is not highlighted when on the responses tab
      • Preview & answer questions buttons need to be swapped with the description as a student


      • “Waiting approval” needs to become “Pending approval”
      • When appearance is set to “entries” the Browse by items should become a select box
      • Re-arrange tertiary items to match figma
      • Choose select box needs to change to ellipsis button with dropdown (if accessible problem it can be changed to more and left as is)


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