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Plugin set 4 of 4 tertiary navigation followup



    • Type: Improvement
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 4.0
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: Navigation
    • Story Points:
    • Sprint:
      Navigation push 4, Navigation push 5


      Given MDL-71915 lands the following issues have been identified as follow ups or items regarding more thought and input in regards to its’ respective plugin set, these items need to be addressed as a part of the navigation push and should be prioritised on the backlog.

      The goal behind handling identified issues within a followup rather than the initial issues is that we want the team to focus on working on the primary and secondary navigation issues identified after its review whilst we created this list of issues.

      Please note that all feedback was generated whilst reviewing the following branch and commit
      branch commit hash: 669bb28

      Items identified during the review are as follows:


      • Forum search needs to move
      • Subscribe to all button required when the forum is in optional subscription mode
      • Unsubscribe navigation tab in secondary menu should not exist
      • Subscriptions nav tab should exist in secondary menu after advanced grading
      • Confirm functionality of forum on the main page (Proto site was showing errors (Could be something to do how the branch was managed on the server))


      • “Attempt quiz” button as a student should be primary
      • “Edit quiz” as a teacher should be primary
      • Preview Edit & Attempt buttons should be secondary classed by default
      • When previewing an attempt should have the Quiz secondary tab active
      • When previewing a quiz the back button should be secondary
      • When editing a quiz the quiz secondary tab should be active
      • When editing a quiz the back button should be secondary
      • “Attempt quiz now” string should be changed to “Attempt quiz”
      • Group overrides the overrides secondary nav tab should be active
      • Adding a new override the overrides secondary nav tab should be active
      • Add X override buttons should be primary
      • Question bank -> categories missing add categories button


      • Missing preview & enter buttons - Also missing as a student (Please confirm if this is a prototype site only problem)
      • Reports secondary navigation element should be active on the reports page
      • Download select should not be a select but a dropdown so the text does not change to the recently selected download option “Download text should always say download”


      • Download button in response reports should be secondary
      • Response reports pages need the response reports page secondary tab active


      • Edit assessment form string needs to change
      • Remove the module name from the tertiary area
      • Switching phase modal confirmation buttons need spacing
      • Submissions allocation secondary nav tab needs to be active when on the page
      • Switching phase confirmation page needs the module type tab active in secondary nav
      • As a student Add submission button should be primary




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