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Glossary .xml file USEDYNALINK setting not respected for "Categories" upon Import



    • Type: Bug
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    • Priority: Minor
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    • Affects Version/s: 3.9.9, 3.11.2
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    • Component/s: Glossary
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      Summary: When exporting/importing .xml files directly from the Moodle glossary, the .xml export shows the desired setting for not Autolinking Categories, but the import ignores this setting (for Categories only – works as expected for Concepts).


      Issue: When you set Autolinking for categories to "NO" within a glossary, then export the glossary terms, you can see in the .xml code that the "0" setting is applied to the category USEDYNALINK tags. However, when you import the .xml file into a glossary, the USEDYNALINK setting for categories is ignored and automatically set to "yes" (or "1"). This means, if you have imported 30 categories for example, then you have to manually edit each category and change the Yes to No.

      Steps to repeat

      1. Enable the glossary auto linking filter
      2. Add a Glossary activity – give it the name of "test" and a description of "A Cat is an Animal" – and save & display.
      3. Make sure the glossary "Display format" (under appearance) is set to "Full with author"
      4. Click "Browse by Category" and click "Edit Categories"
      5. Click Add Category – give it the name of of "Animal" –ensure Automatically Link is set to NO – and save.
      6. Click Add a New Entry – give it a concept of "Cat" – and a definition of "Feline" – select the category "Animal" and under Autolinking, ensure Automatically Link is NOT checked – and save changes.
      7. Click "Browse by Category" and click "Edit Categories"
      8. Verify that NO words in the glossary description "A Cat is an Animal" are linked.
      9. Click Export entries / Export entries to file
      10. Open the XML file and verify the "USEDYNALINK" tags for both the concept and definition are set to "0"
      11. Delete the Glossary activity.
      12. Add a new Glossary activity – give it the name of "test 2" and a description of "A Cat is an Animal" – and save & display.
      13. Click Import entries – drag the .xml file into the dropbox – check the box to "Import categories" – submit / continue.
      14. Note that in your glossary's description area (the "A Cat is an Animal" sentence), Cat is not autolinked, but Animal is autolinked. 




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