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OAuth 2: custom profile fields and not passing all mapped userfields into a new account



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       The OAuth 2 authorization standard is a great tool, though currently missing the capability to choose custom profile fields as well it does not pass in all user mapped settings directly  into a new account.  

      This improvement suggests that 2 Moodle trackers that have been created a few years ago, will be picked up. Both have patches delivered, though due to the long hold they might need to be adjusted. 


      • Project size: small
      • Audience: primary schools, universities, work places
      • Target users: teachers, students, administrators


      • Ensure that we can select custom profile fields to be mapped. 
      • All user mapped fields are directly mapped into the account, when the account is being created.  

      User Stories 

      User stories should be specific to each requirement and provide a clear view of what you want the improvement/new feature to accomplish.

      As an admin, I should be able to map a custom profile field with an external attribute from service. 

      As an user, when my account is being created thought OAuth 2 all my mapped profile fields from my current service are directly synchronisized to my Moodle profiel.

      Links to existing tracker issues, forum discussions, contrib plugins



      When mapping user attributes from auth server to moodle internal database only basic user fields can be set. There is no way to map values to custom profile fields defined by admin.

      These fields are many times meant to serve this purpose eg. hold a user's attribute synced from other system.

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