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LMS - Assignment Activity - New due date setting based on course enrolment start



      📝 Summary
      This is a request to introduce a setting in the assignment activity to allow for each individuals due date to be unique, based on their enrolment start date into the course. It will allow for unique due dates to be assigned to users, for instance upon joining a new cohort of users which are then granted access to the course.


      Currently, the assignment activity allows you to set a fixed but not relative due date. In many organisations, this often does not work (in my experience) as users often join the same course version via different enrolment methods and at different times. By introducing a dynamic date, based on enrolment start, organisations have more flexibility around using this activity. For instance if we introduced the ability to tick a checkbox (assignment settings) that revealed an additional box and dropdown, providing the “teacher” to be able to specify a number followed by selecting hours/days/weeks “after enrolment” for the due date.


      📓 Additional Information
      It is important to note that users can be enrolled onto courses via multiple methods, so this would need to honour only the FIRST enrolment date onto the course. If a user is fully unenrolled and re-enrolled then this would once again activate the due dates based on their enrolment start date.

      An additional consideration into how MWP would react to this, as if a user is allocated into a program, at what point do they get enrolled into the courses within that may be locked. Presumably this only happens when a user has the course unlocked (and they must hit “start” on the dashboard too).


      📖 User Story
      As a... teacher/editing user of a course who manages activities.
      I want to... be able to set a dynamic due date for each assignment activity, based on when users were first enrolled.
      So that... when users join courses at different times (via different enrolment methods), the due date can be used and will be applicable and relevant to them.

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