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Workshop UI should show user identity fields to avoid ambiguities



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      The workshop UI shows only students' photo, firstname and lastname as identifiers. This usually works reasonably well in smaller classes. But in bigger classes / courses with more users (such as MOOCs with hundreds students, or shared courses for all the students of the year etc) it can easily lead to confusion and ambiguities.

      We need a better way to identify students in the UI. And that is what configurable user identity fields were made for.

      Now the tricky part is that the current workshop user interface is pretty compact - such as the "Workshop grades report" that shows all the students, their submissions, received peer-assessment and given peer-assessments, too.

      We will need to come up with a good way how to make these reports / tables looking and working well even when identity fields are to be displayed, too (and there can be multiple fields enabled).

      Some options include (noted down as a part of thinking aloud / brainstorming, not meant to be spec for the look & feel):

      • Show fields on a separate line below the name, as comma separated list
      • Toggle identity fields display via JS using a new button, so that the teacher would use it only when needed. To save the valuable screen space.

      This seems to be a good opportunity to re-think the whole layout of the screens / tables with users in the Workshop. A good start might be to see how the Mobile App does it (but let's try to do one step at a time).




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