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Repository Microsoft OneDrive: linked files in Moodle will not be updated after editing/changing it in OneDrive



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      Dear community,

      I'm not shure if it is a bug in Moodle (maybe it could also be a wrong setting in Microsoft Azure endpoint settings): we are testing the Moodle-repository "Microsoft OneDrive" and we found out that linked files from OneDrive will not be updated in Moodle if they are edited/changed in OneDrive. We are using Moodle 3.9.9, repository "Microsoft OneDrive" in Moodle and authentication via OpenID Connect-Plugin (part of Microsoft 365 Plugin set: https://moodle.org/plugins/browse.php?list=set&id=72).

      We didn't do some tests in newer Moodle versions (eg. 3.10/3.11), only in 3.9.9+

      Note: you have to do some complicated and extensive set up with Azure AD and Moodle - I will not go into details ...

      thanks & br, Anton

      Detailed description:

      a. Setup Moodle and Azure AD

      b.) Setup oAuth 2-services and OneDrive in Moodle

      • Login as Moodle Admin in Moodle
      • Go to Site-administration / Server / OAuth 2 services
      • Create a new Microsoft Service and put in endpoint settings: Client ID, Secret, .... save
      • Ask your Azure-AD-Administrator to connect with system account (eg. sysaccountmoodle)
      • Go to Site-administration / plugins /repositories / Manage repositories
      • Set "Microsoft OneDrive" to "enable and visible" and click "settings"
      • Change "Supported files" and "Default return type" to "External (only links stored in Moodle)"

      c.) Managing OneDrive-Files

      • Login in Onedrive as Azure-AD-user (eg. "janedoe")
      • Create a file (eg. example.docx) in OneDrive and insert some text
      • Login as user in Moodle (user must be an Azure-AD-user, eg. "janedoe")
      • Go to a course (eg. "My Course")
      • Press "Turn editing on", "add an activity or resource" and select "File"
      • Put in a name (eg. "Example") and select a file via file picker from Microsoft OneDrive (eg. "example.doxc") and save
      • Open the file "Example" in Moodle - you will see the text in the document
      • Login in Onedrive as user (eg. "janedoe")
      • Edit the file "example.docx" and do some changes (put in some additional text, ...), close the file (make shure that changes will be saved)
      • Go to go to the Moodle-course (eg. "My Course")
      • Open the File (eg. "Example") - you don't see additional changes, just the text from the original file




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