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Add tree to site admin presets tool to let admins select settings and plugins to be exported or applied


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      The initial version of the admin_presets tool had a tree for displaying the settings to let admins select the settings to be exported or applied. Jordan from Pimenko has done a great job rewriting this tree to stop using YUI and, although the new version is functional, it still needs a few changes:

      • If you click the chevron, the "checkbox" is selected/unselected. To expand/collapse the tree, you need to click in a different place which is not intuitive.
      • The way current settings are highlighted hasn't enough contrast and doesn't follow Moodle styling.
      • It is not accessible. For instance, it's really hard to navigate using the keyboard.
      • Unit tests are required to cover the new web service method.
      • Some behat tests must be created.

      Apart from the previous points, the new version of the admin_presets tool also supports plugins, so a similar tree should be displayed for them too. So this tree might be created as a component library too: https://docs.moodle.org/dev/Component_library

      That's why it has been decided to work on this feature for adding the tree for settings and plugins in a separate issue.

      Adding a couple of requirements copied from MDL-72112:

      • JS files are using YUI so they should be updated to use ES6. This tree should be accessible (the current implementation is not).
      • A new section, “Modules”, should be added to the form to let admins export/preview/load the list of plugins and their visibility. Admins should be able to choose the plugins they want to import/export plugins visibility (the similar as they can do right now with "Admin presets" settings) --> modules_adminpresets_form.png

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