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Remove 3-month calendar view


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      EDIT: Original Moodle 4 ideas for the calendar were to only feature a single calendar and not have the 3 month view at all. Over time the project scope changed a bit, but we can stick to the original principles of de-cluttering and reducing cognitive load.

      Hence, I've updated this issue to be about the removal of the 3-month view from the calendar page.


      The "Monthly view" fake calendar block seen when viewing the full calendar has not been updated wih the same styling as all other calendars.

      This must be updated too.

      For the sake of clarity, I'm talking about this:

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          Andrew Lyons
        2. MDL-72810 - master - student.png
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          Carlos Escobedo
        3. MDL-72810 - master - teacher.png
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          Carlos Escobedo
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          Carlos Escobedo
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          Carlos Escobedo

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