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Quiz cannot have completion state "completed failed" anymore.


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      It seems a regression caused by MDL-52206.

      It seems that Quizzes with "receive a passing grade" and "Receive a pass grade or complete all available attempts" does not set completion state to "Completed failed" anymore. Even if the user has no more attempts and failed the test.

      How to reproduce:

      1. Create a course with completion tracking
      2. Create a quiz with:
        1. Grade to pass: 5
        2. Attempts allowed: 1
        3. Completion tracking: Show activity as complete when conditions are met
        4. Check the completion conditions:
          1. Student must view this activity to complete it
          2. Student must receive a grade to complete this activity
          3. Student must receive a passing grade to complete this activity
          4. Or all available attempts completed
      3. Add some silly question to the quiz
      4. Login as student
        1. Do an attempt failing the question and the quiz
      5. Now login as admin
        1. Go to the course reports -> Activity completion and find the student
        2. Expected result: the student should have a completed failed (a red X) in the activity
        3. Current result: a blue tick indicating a completed state

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