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H5P title is changed when exporting an H5P file


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    • 3.11.4
    • H5P

      The app uses exported/deployed H5P files. These are received with one of the following WebServices:

      • core_h5p_get_trusted_h5p_file

      • mod_h5pactivity_get_h5pactivities_by_courses

      The new file has a different title in h5p.json than the original one. This title can be used by some packages, e.g. we have an Interactive book with this case. Instead of receiving the original title, we receive "Interactive Book".

      How to reproduce:

      1. Go to the content bank and create an interactive book H5P package with a certain title.
      2. Add the package to an H5P activity. In "H5P options", select the "Allow download" option (which uses the deployedfile mentioned in the description)
      3. Save and wait for it to be deployed.
      4. Click the "Reuse" button and download the .h5p file.
      5. Change the extension of the h5p file to zip and unzip it.
      6. Open the h5p.json file. Check that the title is "Interactive Book" instead of the original one.

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