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Remove the text "(except removed from view)" from the "Course overview" block filter options


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      In previous user testings, we found some hesitance from users to use the current filter in the "Course overview block".

      Changing the current option from "All (except removed from view)" to "All" would save us some screen real estate (especially in small devices) and make it easier to use.

      Note: I'm mentioning the "Course overview" block in this issue because I think that the current "My courses" page uses the same code as this block (so we wouldn't duplicate the code). However, if the code from the "Course overview" block is different from the "My courses" page code, I would suggest updating the string in both, especially on the "My courses" page.


      Issue update: let's change the existing strings (see comments below):

      • current "All" string to "All (including removed from view)"
      • current "All (except removed from view) string to "All"

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