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Allow filters to be enabled/disabled per course or activity


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      The most popular variant of this request is "Can I disable the glossary auto-linking filter in my quiz?"
      Another example is "Enable the TeX filter only in the Maths course."

      Original description: Currently allowing auto-linking of resources is based on a site-wide option in administration. I would like to see this handled similar to how the max upload file size is handled where it could be allowed or disallowed at the site level (this has the highest priority) such that if it is disabled on the site then regardless of the course or activity settings it would be disabled. On the course level a teacher could determine if he or she wishes to utilize auto-linking; however, still have the option if on a particular label they did not wish to use auto-linking to disable it. I think the course-wide option would be easier to implement. The resource or activity option may be more complicated and significantly less practical (IMO).

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