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Moodle Quiz - Essay questions grade and feedback not carrying over in second attempt, even if correct in first attempt


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      Is there a setting/code to save the grades from the 1st attempt (Moodle quiz, essay questions)?

      I would like the assessors feedback and marks to be carried over for the correct responses as it is causing double handling with our assessors having to mark the same correct answers twice as having either 'highest mark' or 'last attempt' as the marking criteria, results in a double up of having to mark the same questions twice, which is quite a burned when we have 50 questions and over 60 students to assess. 


      If there is any code or setting that can remedy the issue I would greatly appreciate it as I can see this has been an ongoing issue since 2015 and I can only assume is a deterrent for most education organisations over the past 12 months with the transition to online learning.


      Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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