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change the logic of the Moodle Site Registration



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      See first http://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=56337

      Besides the discussed issues, the registration information should clearly state that site that have no domains can't be registered. Actually, there is probably a doc page needed devoted to this issue.

      What I want to suggest is change the logic more drastically.

      We are asked to register the site at the installation time as default. I think this can be skipped, so temp and test sites don't pollute the statistics. On the other hand, there is no mechanism to update the registration.

      Putting the two together, I suggest that there is a code added that runs when the admin index page is openned which checks whether the site is registered (an entry in local database) and whether the registration need to be updated. The latter could be triggered by

      • passing of time (sites should update registration once a year)
      • increasing significantly the number of users (let's say more than 500 users since last registration)
      • increasing significantly the number of courses (let's say more than 50 new courses since last registration)

      When any of the conditions is met, Moodle ask the administrator to do/update the registration. Admin should have, of course, an option to say, ask me later or skip until the next threshold. The later option would amek Moodle present the request kindly after some predefined time delay.


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