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Simplify the options to sections and weeks format hiddensections



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      The current values of the hiddensections are not only limited but confusing:

      • Hidden sections are shown as not available
      • Hidden sections are completely invisible

      Is it true that with this setting sections with "visible" attributes will be displayed or not, but the real logic is not that simple, especially with there are availability conditions.

      In fact, the current logic is kind of obscure. A section is visible to students in any of the following scenarios:

      1. The section is visible with no availability conditions
      2. The section is visible and all the necessary availability conditions fulfilled
      3. The section is not visible but the course setting "hiddensections" is set to shown as not available
      4. Here comes the hard one: the section is visible but the user cannot access it because of some of the availability conditions, however, there are some availability conditions that are visible.

      The last one is especially tricky because availability conditions are always visible by default and the teacher must define them as not visible one by one. This means that if a teacher has a course with availability conditions already defined the only way of hiding the sections is to go section by section and hide every single condition.

      This complex logic is so hard to understand and it is even harder to handle in a real course scenario.

      Of course, this issue requires some UX work because there are several options. In my opinion the options should be:

      • Only sections available are visible (no matter if it is by availability condition or by visible attribute)
      • Users can see the visible conditions remaining to make sections available
      • All sections are displayed


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