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Replace the copy to clipboard component on the tool index page



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      MDL-69542 presents URLs that can be copied to clipboard via the "Tool registration" admin pages (Admin > Plugins > Enrolment plugins > Publish as LTI tool > Tool registration). This can be seen on both the "Manual registration" tab and on the "Dynamic registration" tab once a registration URL has been generated. This isn't specific to URLs and can be used for any text fields.

      This issue is scoped with using this same UI element (or a variation of it) in the tool index page (the "Published as LTI tools" page in the course), specifically for copying the Launch URL and Custom properties fields to clipboard. More than anything, this is about being consistent across the LTI provider pages and using the same copy to clipboard component is a step in the right direction.

      The current index page looks like this:

      And we'd like to use a component which looks more like this:

      MDL-69542 is using the copy to clipboard js module, but at the time that component didn't provide things like focus handling (which can be used to autoselect the field's value, or to allow the user to select specific text on subsequent focuses - as seen in the URL copy behaviour in MDL-69542). Any new code here should also take the focus handling into account and mirror the behavior of the Tool registration pages.




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