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Assigning different roles in different groups to the same course to the same users.





      Use case: In a project based learning scenario, the same course or set of activities need to be done repeatedly to deliver different objectives. For example, a course may require students to do the following three activities:

      1. explore solutions for problem A
      2. evaluate all available solutions
      3. Make an implementation plan for the best one.

      The above course can be re-taken for problem B, C and so on. 

      In addition a students can have a different role in different projects running concurrently. For example, in project "Problem A", a user is a student and in project "Problem B", (s)he is a teacher. 

      Another use case is a scenario where a teacher or a student in one group is a parent in another group for the same course. 

      The issue we are facing there is if a user completes his course in one group it also marks completed in all other groups and if we assign a user a student's role in a group he can't be assigned a different role in another group. 

      In other words, re-taking a course in different groups and in different roles is not possible at the moment - as the system does not offer group context functionality. 

      Please will appreciate it if the team adds this function to the next version? 

      Best regards






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