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Quiz and Calendar should more accurately display the Closing dates for teachers of multiple groups when group overrides are applied



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    • 3.11.5, 4.0
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      1. Teacher runs a course for 2 or more groups (let’s assume Group 1 and Group 2 here).
      2. Teacher has created a Quiz, adding an overall Closing date.
      3.The Quiz uses the group mode of “Separate groups”.
      4. Teacher has added group overrides with different Closing dates for each group.
      (When adding / editing an override, there is a reset option “Revert to Quiz defaults”, suggesting the Closing date inside the quiz is a “default” – a term that could be conveniently used more broadly.)

      Encountered behaviour:
      1. The Quiz does NOT immediately inform the teacher that its group mode in Separate groups (this filter is only available after opening the Results page) – this is unlike the case with Assignment. I think such a filter could be added on the view quiz page - for consistency). 
      2. When visiting the Quiz, the teacher can NOT see the default date as the Closing date, but instead sees the LATEST closing date among all the set group overrides – VERY CONFUSING.
      3. The same latest Closing date override (and only this one) is displayed in the (teacher’s) Calendar , and the Upcoming events course block (if used). 

      Expected behaviour:
      1. When visiting the Quiz  – the default Closing date set in its settings should be displayed. A notice that this a default date should be included – especially if any overrides are used.
      2. A group filtering switch could be added on the Quiz viewing page for the Teacher to quickly check the other Closing dates AND also to remind the teacher which group mode is used with the quiz.
      3. The teacher’s calendar (and upcoming events block) should list ALL these Closing dates:
      •    Default Closing date (for students that do not belong to Group 1 or Group 2)
      •    Group 1 Quiz closing date
      •    Group 2 Quiz closing date
      This should help the teacher see and manage all the overrides effectively.


      Screenshot from the Teacher's View quiz page illustrating the problem (Moodle 3.11.5):




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