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Language Selection menu is buried too deep


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      The Language Selection menu is buried too deep. If a user does not understand the current UI language, it can be challenging to search and find how to switch to a language. For example, I cannot even begin to guess when looking at Arabic. For someone with physical accessibility challenges (e.g., navigation using switches, sip and puff, etc.), figuring out how to navigate Moodle 4.0 to switch language can be an exhausting and frustrating experience.

      For more information on accessibility issues in education, see:

      Accessibility in e-Learning: What You Need to Know

      Take a look at the following screenshot. If you don't know Arabic, can you figure out how to switch language to English? Tip: I gave you a hint which most users will not have: I opened the user menu for you.

      This is a usability, language and accessibility issue which urgently needs to be reconsidered. The only people that this will work for are people who already understand the displayed language.

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