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Task logs: Filter label 'name' unclear, should be 'class name'


      The new filters on the task log screen (now that it's converted to a system report) are very nice, but the 'Name' filter only works using the class name. It should work with both the class name, and the display name (language string) because both are displayed in the 'Name' column.

      Previous behaviour (pre Moodle 4) did search both (along with all the other text) so I think this is a regression, if people are used to searching for a particular string to find a task, they might not find it.

      These test steps assume that the tool_messageinbound scheduled task has run recently.

      1. Go to task logs (admin / Server / Tasks / Task logs)
      2. Click the filters, and set 'Name' to 'Contains', then type 'messageinbound'.
      3. Apply filters
        • The task 'Incoming email pickup \tool_messageinbound\task\pickup_task' is included in the results.
      4. Open the filters and change the search text from 'messageinbound' to 'email'.
      5. Apply filters
        • The task should be included in the results, but isn't.

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