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Handling groups and users in no groups in BigbluebuttonBN module



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      The way it works right now is (as of 4.0 integration):

      • In a course, the mode can be no groups, separated or visible groups.
      • If there are no groups, would only create one BBB room for everybody enrolled in the course
      • Visible groups:
        • Will create (on join) a separate BBB room per group in the course
        • If user is not enrolled in any group, user is allowed to use "all-groups/0" room, user is sent there by default
        • If user is enrolled in only one group, user is allowed to use "all-groups/0" room and their own group room, They are shown with a drop-down menu to chose between them
        • if user is enrolled in multiple groups, the user is allowed to join any of the rooms enrolled or the "all-group/0" BBB room. Users can choose from the drop-down menu
      • Admin and teacher always have access to all the groups in the course, therefore they can always chose, therefore drop-down is always there
      • Separate groups would do the same as Visible group excepted that it will force student with no group to join the "All participant" group by default.

      The recordings visibility follows the same logic:

      • If student in a group, it will show recordings from this group and the group "All participants"
      • In separate group : Users with no group will be able to only see recording recorded for the "All participants" room 
      • In visible group: 
      • For Admin it will show all recordings

      There is a discussion to have ref. the way it works in other modules. From an earlier comment from dobedobedoh , it seems that forum would not allow anything to be done with users (except maybe read)  which are not assigned to a group.

      Translated into BBB, it would mean that users not assigned to any group would not be able to join or see any recordings.


      For the forum in visible groups:

      For the forum in separate groups:



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