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Reduced visibility of categories can lead to confusion



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      Example scenario

      A teacher can teach many parallel classes and the courses can be named similar eg "Math 11th grade" because that is what gives meaning to the students. So a given teacher will be enrolled into into maybe 3 courses all named "Math 11th grade" . In the moodle category structure the courses will be put into different categories eg

      • Courses/spring 2022/Class A/ Math 11th grade (course 1)
      • Courses/spring 2022/Class B/ Math 11th grade (course 2)
      • Courses/spring 2022/Class C/ Math 11th grade (course 3)

      The course cards on the My courses page show the category.

      However, when you navigate into one of the courses you no longer know which category you are in, since we no longer display a breadcrumb on the course page. As a result the teacher can't tell whether they are working in course 1, 2 or 3. Especially if a teacher has many open tabs and has been away from the screen, there is a risk that they cannot remember which course they are working in. 


      Second (related) scenario

      A training organisation can offer several sessions of the same training. For ergonomic reasons, they may use the same full name and just distinguish the sessions with the short name.

      In 3.x, the full and short names were displayed (breadcrumb and navigation drawer for the short name). Now, there is no more short name, and category is only visible from the dashboard.

      If it were possible to add the course short name under the full name, in a smaller font, it would be a first step. Sometimes just mentioning the category is not enough.




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