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Improvement on the new Moodle activity icons





      Hey team!

      I have stumbled for the second time in people showing confusion about or commenting how similar to each other the new activity/resource icons are.

      You can check the 2 videos, the first one is a 4.0 reviewer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=is3NBdDkzSY&t=428s) the second one from Juan Leyva spontaneously resorting to 3.11 to search for a book and skillfully commenting that he is not yet used to the new icons (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6p7oP7au5E&t=1200s). This seems like a down side of the new icons and maybe of the color coding.

      Also: colors are an accessibility issue in general, so while it can be argued that they bring secondary information in this case, I think a different solution would be more inclusive.

      Not wanting to disregard any serious thought that has been given to this chapter, I dare suggesting two first ideas to overcome these limitations:

      • Different shapes for each type, so that both a visual scan and color blindness are accounted for.
      • Making the type split by rearranging them in the page instead of through the icons, but this pushes the problem somewhere else and not sure the result is intuitive either.

      In any case, seeing the first comments, I vote for an improvement iteration on the new icons.





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