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Course Completion Cannot be unset



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      I work providing support for Moodle and a re-occuring issue we have is that the course completion status has been set and we are not able to unset the course completion.

      This often happens when the teachers are creating the course and they setup completion rules like requiring all activities to be completed. But then they check off the activities them self when testing the course and the teachers end up with a course completion status of completed. There is no way for the teachers to see that they have a course status of completed in Moodle, but because of this status feature in Moodle like their dashboard hide the course from them and this generates a large number of complaints and confusion from teachers. 

      It also causes issues for students because teachers often setup the course completion incorrectly and often confuse the activity completion and course completion.

      I think an easy fix for this would be an option to unset the course completion status on individual users. So a teacher testing a course course check all activities and see that the course competion status does get set and then unset the activities and the course completion status on their account. This would only need to work the same as the current "delete user completion data" option works, but filtered so that it only deletes the data for a single user instead. 

      Maybe a better fix might be to have a soft and hard override status for each enrolled user.
      Where a soft override might reset the value if the completion rules are no longer met, but a hard override would force the course to a specific completion state. For example forcing the teacher teacher the course to a state where they have not completed the course, so that other items in moodle like the dashboard can still work correctly for the teachers. 

      At a minimum I would suggest adding a report where the teachers completion status can be viewed, so that people supporting Moodle can check why some users are filtered out of some of the lists in Moodle, for items like the dashboard of current courses. 

      I did try and find if similar issues had been reported in the past, and the closest related issues I could find was this issue MDL-34749 .
      The comment bellow that mentions that uncompleting would not automaticly undo the activities in the rules for the course completion, and so an activity could become completed straight away if the activities that resulted in completion where not also changes before unsetting the completion status and I think that is acceptible behaviour, because I would only imagine this being used to fix completions set in error, and something done by support staff, and not as a regular activity performed by teachers.  




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