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Better management of unsaved changes on the assignment grading interface


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      I open this issue after discussing it on the forums: https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=431252

      When you are on the assignment grading page (e.g. yoursite/mod/assign/view.php?id=4321&rownum=0&action=grader&userid=1234), you have unsaved changes and try to navigate to another student a "Unsaved changes" pop-up shows up with 2 options:

      • Save and continue
      • Cancel

      I suggest adding a third button called "Discard changes and continue" to that pop-up. Take into account that the pop-up is frequently triggered by the Atto auto-save feature and when that happens the user hasn't changed anything

      I know that outside that pop-up there is a button on the footer of that page that discards unsaved changes but that button is called "Reset".

      That text isn't accurate and some teachers are afraid of clicking on it because they think it would reset all the grading information of the student when it actually only discards the unsaved changes, so I'd suggest to change that text to "Discard unsaved changes" of something similar.

      So my suggestion would actually be two suggestions:

      • Add a third button to the pop-up called "Discard unsaved changes and continue"
      • Create a new string for the footer button actually called Reset with this text: "Discard unsaved changes"

      I've been looking at that language string and found that it uses the _reset _string of the _core _package. That string is used in many other places, so just changing that string text isn't a good idea.

      On the forum discussion Przemek suggested to also add another button to the footer called "Save and close" to save changes and return to the submission page, but that may have to be another issue.

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